Welcome to our Pathfinder RPG home page.

Currently we are looking for 3-5 more players. I will run the game and update the Obsidian Portal page as we play. Occasionally there will be opportunities to earn extra experience points for typing up an adventure log, item description, personal character log, doing graphics, or other things we think of for this website.

Below are the rules which I think are fairly lenient.

1. If any rules aren’t known to the GM or the players around the table then the GM will make a ruling on the spot and the game will advance. The GM will look up the rules between sessions.

2. Players should have a character concept even if it is very basic before sitting down for character creation.

3. Out of character discussion should be kept to a minimum and at no time will another player tell another player how they HAVE to play their character. If you don’t appreciate how another is playing their character maybe you should fill the role that you think is needed.

4. Every play style is welcome at my table. We encourage everyone to be tolerant of each other and be accepting as well. We are here to have fun and not feel judged.

5. Play your character how you want to play them. Not how others tell you.

6. Try to role play as best you can. You won’t be judged.

I think those are fairly simple rules. If you think you can abide by them please feel free to message me and we may be able to work out you playing with us. The limitations on the amount of players are determined by having only 8 possible seats. 1 GM and 7 max players.

So if you are still interested click on the following link for the CHARACTER CREATION RULES.

Pathfinder: Endless Possibilities